Custom Wood Wedding Ring

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Are you tired of visiting every jewelry store and seeing the same wedding rings over and over again? Sure, the jeweler will dazzle you with diamonds, karats, gold, but in the end, you're pretty much getting the same thing everyone around you is. Wouldn't you like to be different?

We hand make every single ring per order. You're not getting something mass produced. Your ring is unique, just like you and your loved one. 

Made with exotic and costly woods, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for a more organic feel. These rings are luxurious. You'll be proud to know that your or your partner's ring aren't like any others in the world. 

Affordable, yet still glamorous, and more importantly comfortable. Each ring is fitted with a comfort profile made of stainless steal. Sealed with a rock hard finish your ring will shine and show depth of grain at the same time. 

Rings come in whole number sizes. We recommending going half a size up if you're stuck in the middle of two sizes. For example, if you wear an 8.5 ring size, we recommend jumping up to a 9.0 instead. 

Show your wife or husband how much you love them by giving them something unique, a reflection of who they are in the world to you. There's only one for you, so get the only ring for them. 

*Black velvet box included*