Classical Guitar Solera Workboard Jig

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If you’re looking to have a new guitar work board or solera for your guitar project, consider our custom designed solera. Made from MDF with exacting dimensions that includes soundboard doming, this solera fits the bill for any luthier.

These soleras are customizable with any preferred total doming across the top of the guitar. If you have a particular make and model, please let us know and we can have a solera designed specifically for your next build.

If you would like to work from a pre-made solera with a doming if 3 mm, simply add it to your cart. Double layered down the back for extra strength.

We ship free to US continental.

We carry other items for guitar making too. Ask us about our custom radius soleras and or dishes for guitar backs, tops, and sides. We CNC all our gigs

We also carry bridge blanks and Indian rosewood sets. Message for more details


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