Custom Handmade 11 Inch Wooden Letters for Baby Names and Wall Decor

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Message us any specific details you are interested in having done to your order such as font type or paint color

Add number of items according to the number of letters you will need

These Wood Lettters are great to hang on a wall or Sit on a Shelf. Get Creative with Paint, Paper Mache, or Glitter!

This is listing is priced for 11'' letters, made out of 1/4'' material

we can cut any size letters for you and provide a custom quote.

*****Photos featured are finished products and ideas for designs*****

We are able to cut out many types of font, as long as it is not super thin so that the wood won't easily break when being handled (that is typically the only issue, but almost never the case).

Please let us know if there is any way we can help you.

Thank you for viewing.