Contact & Terms of Service

We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase

  • If your item has been damaged or lost you may be eligible for store credit or for a refund of your product
  • Items that are lost and confirmed by an undelivered tracking number are eligible for in store credit or refund
  • Only lost and damaged items are eligible for a full refund including cost of item and shipping & handling cost.
  • Damaged items must be reported within 72 hours after delivery
  • Returns accepted within 15 days after delivery for items that have not been used
  • Returns not accepted for personalized items for which order information was entered incorrectly
  • Please contact us immediately if there is an issue with your order
  • Buyer responsible for return shipping

You may contact us directly through our information or fill out the form provided below. 

Ph: 706-675-5234 - Address: 12665 River St. N, Franklin, GA 30217 -