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Seen  an example of the cutting boards for sale made out of solid black cherry. These are eco friendly boards made by my own two hands one at a time in the USA, each with the idea of thinking "green" All boards vary in color and woods. If you would like an specific wood and design, please message us, and we'll be able to set up a custom listing for you.

****please be advised, the woods used may be and are exposed to walnut wood and walnut sawdust. If for some reason the recipient of any of these boards is likely to be allergic to nuts, please contact your medical expert before deciding to purchase a board*********

We are able to carve any font, and any letter, and any size (putting into consideration the size of the board however) you'd like. If you have an image you'd like us to carve, we can do that too. Basically any monogram in a V-carve, for a straight laser like carving font's and size may vary in availability. Just let us know what you want on it, and we'll put it on there for you. We happen to be featuring a particular monogram right now, but this is just one of many options available.

These are made out of top grade material, but used in a environmentally responsible way. Polished with butcher block conditioner and bee's wax, these boards are ideal for any kitchen, and when cleaned properly will last for many years. I still have one that made over 20 years ago, and I never tire to use it.

Dimensions: Aproximately
13''(inches) long by 10" (inches) wide


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